Casino Exec Gambles on His Dreams and Wins

Starting with a passport and duct tape, Brett Gonzenbach travels his best life path through the Elevate community

March 30, 2021

A 30 year old guy at his mom’s house wearing an athletic jacket might (at first glance) be unremarkable. However, let me assure you that Brett Gonzenbach is worth knowing. He holds not only the top affiliate spot — but the top two.

In fact, in October 2020, Brett made 68 sales by applying the method, knowledge, and network he gained through Elevate.

So why is he at his mom’s house? Because Brett has fulfilled his dream of living a life full of travel, culture, people, and food. And today, he happens to be visiting his family in Florida.

“Looking back on it,” Brett says, “I say that I was lucky.”

Just 3 years ago, Brett was working hard and playing even harder in a high level service job at a corporate casino in Las Vegas. Having a blast, he truly thought this was his dream job — achieving the only definition of success he knew.

Then, a colleague died of a heart attack at age 30. “That was my moment that I realized this is serious. He was like a brother. He was like a co-worker brother of mine.”

Knowing something had to change, Brett went to Office Depot of all places. He bought a giant white board, duct taped his passport to it, and wrote at the top “How to create lifestyle around travel.”

Every morning he woke up looking at this board that remained blank for 3 months. Despite having no awareness about visualization at the time, Brett had set the energy in motion.

First, he joined Facebook entrepreneurial groups and communities. Through this portal, Brett witnessed people doing, living, and creating a new way outside the corporate path.

That’s when Brett noticed Andrew running a big business and traveling the world — doing exactly what Brett wanted to. Reaching out, he asked Andrew how this was possible. Through sharing tips, they soon built a solid friendship.

And Brett did more than watch and listen. He took consistent action with online businesses during nights and weekends while still at his corporate job.

Yet, he couldn’t even speak of this new venture to anyone in his day-to day-life. “I was just worlds apart.” Heck, it confused and awed Brett every time he opened his computer. “I think this is real,” he remembers saying in the midst of the process.

And indeed, it proved to be real. Results after results after results added up. Finally…“Oh my god. I think I can actually quit my job.” And he gave two weeks notice.

Ending his corporate life in Vegas at 7pm on a Friday, Brett was on a red eye flight to Hawaii four hours later.

As wild as that sounds, the best was just around the corner. Due to a glitch in time zone scheduling, Brett had 10 minutes after landing to get on his first sales call.

With the intercom blaring, he raced through the airport — looking for a quiet spot. 5 minutes. 2 minutes. Brett ducked into a little nook and closed a $8000 deal.

Hanging up the phone, he met Andrew in town saying, “I don’t know what’s going on right now, but let’s go, man!” That’s how it all started.

Throughout the call, Brett emphasizes getting clear on what you are looking for. Desire will propel you forward. Dive deep into what you want on your whiteboard. What are you actually looking for?

“You can make money in anything. It’s about… what do you truly want. For me and what I look at with Oasis and the whole ecosystem that Andrew has built around affiliate marketing, it provides everything that I was personally looking for. All the freedom of being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want, and make money in the process.”

Transforming a dream into a reality takes work — not only time on the clock and learning skills but also overcoming self doubt. Being clear on your goals and the why behind them will get you through. This clarity will gift you endurance in the challenges and celebration in the successes.

Moreover, gather a community around you. Brett never could have taken the leap into this dream life without joining groups of solid people working and living the way he wanted to — by befriending Andrew.

And this inspiring friendship has carried over into Elevate. At the heart of ths affiliate marketing program is a core belief in creating win-wins for mutual investment. “It all comes down to the community, really.” The positivity. The encouragement. The support. The results.

So when an Elevate community member asked in the private Facebook group if it’s even possible to get 7 sales calls in a month, Brett knew he had to share his truth of closing 68 sales in October.

“We’re all in this together….When one person wins, everyone else wins.”

For Brett this winning includes: a three week skydiving immersion, one-on-one time exploring Arizona with his sister, solo cabin escape in Idaho for a week, Vegas reunion tour, and (of course) a visit with his mom. “This is what I was dreaming about.” That whiteboard is off the wall and in action.

And what action is that? What work creates the opportunity for this lifestyle?

Mastering the craft of driving paid traffic through online ads. The rest of the heavy lifting is done through Elevate.

And it suits Brett very well.

As Brett returns to his beloved family that raised him to believe the corporate dream, I ask what he tells them. Looking at a picture of his grandmother, Brett replies, “There’s people online that have businesses that they’re trying to grow. And these businesses that they are trying to grow, they are all businesses that truly help people to make some sort of transformation….I help them get more clients.”

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