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About Your Instructor...

After going through his own devastating divorce, Chase was lost and found himself not sure what to do anymore after losing everything that he had worked for up to that point in his life. 

There were a lot of people just telling him to try to keep his head up and get through it the best he could, get back into a routine, but what was the best he could what did that even mean, routine?

This endless "advice" drove him lower and lower until it all seemed clear to him that he couldn't get back in this "routine". It was to hard for him, till one night he tried to take his own lie in an attempt to just be done with all of the struggles and pain from his life lost through divorce.

It was a failed attempt, and in the aftermath of this failed attempt, there was a moment of clarity in the fact that everything was wrong. Not only with the situation and the attempts at reconciliation but with himself.

This led him down his path of complete transformation and has developed a program based on 5 pillars of needed focus to take a broken divorced man to true greatness in all aspects of his life.

Now after achieving his results, Chase felt that he can't just sit back and watch countless men struggle with the same problems as he himself did, many of which don't make it out of alive. 

From this came Divorce to Dominance.

Divorce to Dominance is driven by innovation and resolution, Chase has become a pioneer in the online space as a lifestyle coach for divorced men. His interpersonal skills are unmatched as he addresses mindset after the pitfalls of divorce from infidelity, leaving clients feeling confident in their newly developed pathway to freedom -- Mentally, Physically and Financially.