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Robbie Kramer

About Your Instructor...

Robbie Kramer has been guiding men to accomplish their goals with women and lifestyle since 2009.

He founded Inner Confidence to show men exactly how to create the lifestyle of their dreams in a way that actually works.

No quick fixes.
No magic pills.
No bullshit.

Just tested, proven and easily implementable strategies and advice that works.

“Robbie brings dignity and ease to traditionally taboo interactions. No funny names, no routines, no fake stories tricking women into liking you, just 100% real attraction, emotional connection and strengthening your inner confidence. This is the necessary evolution of so-called pickup arts into something more meaningful and organic.”

Case Study #1 - Duke

“Your philosophy resonated with me, it really clicked and made sense. I lost 60 pounds thanks to the program and I started laying the ground work for my social circle. I’m running social circle game, on top of doing the approaches which has really gotten my juices flowing as a man. You guys give advice and direction that I’ve never even conceived of before and I apply the knowledge and see results. I have the beginning of a six pack at the age of 47 and I’ve leveraged my social circle into dating some really high quality women. I’m currently dating a model and international DJ.”

Case Study #2 - David

“I just want to say thank you for the work you’ve done with me, I feel like I possess a super power. I have a constant flow of leads wherever I go and leads lined up back at home. I feel like it’s this great superpower I can use anywhere in the world and I highly appreciate the work we’ve done.”

Case Study #3 - Dan

“My biggest sticking point was feeling really restricted with my sexuality, being German of course. The biggest thing I got was how to behave around very beautiful women with a lot of options. I would recommend if you want to meet girls and attract girls in general and have a good time with them. There is a jump to the hottest girls in the world and you can only get to that level by getting feedback on what you have to do and how to behave to have success with those girls and bring it to another level.”

Case Study #4 - Fernando

"I'm 100% more confident... and completely non-intimidated by the best looking women. I'm getting a lot of reactions from girls on Instagram now and totally changed my fashion and look to tap more into my masculine side. Once I saw the mistakes I was making I was not aware of it changed everything."

Case Study #5 - Gary

“I would definitely recommend Inner Confidence to anyone who wants to come off as a genuine person who wants to learn the skill of being comfortable with yourself.”

Case Study #6 - Nick

“I wanted to improve my daygame ability and reduce anxiety about women and how to conduct myself at clubs and bars. You helped me formulate texts that were funny. I probably did 150 some odd approaches and I feel like my anxiety is way lower now. I learned how to conduct myself in a chill house party, how to set that up and maximize my returns on that.”